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Berrien County consists of more than 450 square miles within the County as well as the four municipalities working diligently to maintain every inch.

Berrien County

With a population of just over 19,000, Berrien County provides fire protection through seven volunteer fire departments through 11 separate stations located throughout the County. The County also provides residents with sheriff deputies, emergency services (911 and EMS), code enforcement, court services, as well as administrative services to all county departments. Berrien County has five County Commissioners who qualify by district, but run and serve countywide; the Chairman is elected by the Board of Commissioners. The Sheriff’s Department and EMS are located off of County Farm Road in Nashville, while all other services are located in the Berrien County Administration Building at 201 North Davis Street in Nashville.




The City of Nashville holds the county seat and has a population of just under 5,000. Known as the “City of Dogwoods,” Nashville offers residents water, sewer, gas, sanitation, and public safety services. Nashville has a city council/city manager form of government with six council members and the mayor representing the interest of the citizens within the City of Nashville.


The Town of Alapaha is located at the junction of US Highways 82 and 129. Alapaha has a population of less than 800 and its city limits span one square mile. The Town of Alapaha provides citizens with water, sewer, sanitation, and public safety services. A mayor and five council members represent the town.




The Town of Enigma is located in the northwest area of Berrien County on Highway 82, about 9 miles east of Tifton. Enigma has a population of nearly 1,300, and its city limits span 3.3 miles. Enigma offers residents water, sanitation, and public safety services. A mayor and four council members serve the Town of Enigma.

Ray City

Ray City is a certified City of Ethics since 2001 and has a population of nearly 1,100. The city limits of Ray City total .80 miles and it is conveniently located just 10 miles north of Moody Air Force Base. Ray City provides water, sewer, sanitation, public safety services, community library, Pre-K school program, and senior citizens center with lunch program and meals on wheels to its citizens. Ray City has a mayor/city council form of government with four city council members and the Mayor representing the interests of the City.

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